Categories of the incidents

AzScienceCERT considers the followings as information security incidents.

  • Unauthorized access
  • Illegal activities
  • Information gathering
  • Malware

Incident processing

In the incident processing, AzScienceCERT in the first place considers the trustworthiness and reliability of the source of information (about the incidents) and the presence of the technical capabilities for checking the informed facts. AzScienceCERT does not inform the users about the characteristics and the consequences of the actions taken.

AzScienceCERT does not have the authorization for resource prevention, address filtering, content elimination in resources, and the identification of individuals who are involved in any of the incidents.

AzScienceCERT provides services in incident processing without any guarantee and responsibility conditions.

AzScienceCERT does not register and research any facts of spamming.

AzScienceCERT guarantees that all the information received will be confidential and will not be publicized in any case except the cases considered in Azerbaijan Republic legislation.

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